Softmaple’s Liver Alone Shez Mine RATI, NTD, ITD, ATD, TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP

“Tess” is my first dog as an adult, the one I got to pick, train, live with and take care of, and make LOTS of mistakes with. Poor girl! She has introduced me to the world of doggie sports and training, and has ensured I’ve had a blast while doing it!

I purchased her from Softmaple Curly Coated Retrievers out of New York State in 2011 out of the Emmett and Torrie litter.


As Tess is the dog I’ve really learnt from we have done a lot of training and classes:

  • Puppy Class
  • Puppy Socialization Classes
  • Canine Good Neighbour
  • Out & About
  • Agility
  • Nosework
  • Tracking
  • Flyball
  • Disc / Frisbee
  • Barn Hunt
  • Dog Diving
  • Trick Training
  • Rally

Our focus lately has really been agility and flyball, I recently heard about the trick dog titles so we have done a lot of that the last 3 months as well.We also do a fair bit of tracking. I hope to continue with these focuses in her training for the next few years. As she gets closer to senior hood we might switch to a greater emphasis on nosework and tracking, and a little less physically demanding work. Right now she is very healthy, and I hope she will be for some time, so as long as she still wants to do these sports we will.

Goals for the Future:

  • Tracking Dog Title
  • Agility Q’s (Agility Dog of Canada Title, work towards Starters Game Dog of Canada Title)
  • CARO Novice Rally Title
  • Focus / Attention Cues, especially in relationship to reactivity

Tess’ Favourites:

Favourite Things: Off leash romps, her glow in the dark ball, running through the water at the lake, tracking, car rides, mooching food, destroying stuffies, and I like to think ME!

Least Favourite Things: Skateboarders, nail trims, and spinach.