I am currently the “parent” of a lovely female curly coated retriever named Tess, and we are looking to add one more curly to our crew this year. When I got Tess in 2011 I had the idea of starting a blog to document our journey together, but procrastination and self doubt won out and I never did get one going.

My family had a wonderful little mutt when I grew up, but Tess was my first dog on my own. Before I got her I did as much research as I could on different breeds, tried to decipher what I wanted in a dog and what I hoped we could do together, and learnt as much as I could about dog training and researching puppy classes.

When I got Tess, I knew I would be living on my own, so I wanted a medium to large breed that I would feel comfortable walking alone at night, a low or non-shedding breed, an active dog that could come hiking, etc with me…but not so over the top it needed a four hour run every night, and a dog that wanted to work with me. So after all my research I decided the curly was the breed for me, and for the most part I got exactly what I wanted, maybe minus the shedding!

However, as a new dog owner and new to¬†any sort of dog sports, or training really, it was hard to get a feel for the breed. I’m sure any of you new to curlies or any “less popular” breed can feel this pain. I bought books, read websites, spoke with breeders, so I knew the breed standard, what their temperament was supposed to be like, that they shed, their general activity level, and the breed history, but never really felt like I had an answer on the burning question..’yah but what are they like to live with?’

So I hope this blog can provide some insight for new curly or prospective curly owners, and with me looking out to add a new pup to our crew it seemed a perfect time to start. If you’re not a curly person (yet) that’s ok, I hope you can also find valuable information, or topics to consider and help you in raising your first pup as well.

Let the blogging begin!