Summer Fun



It’s been another busy week or so, our classes ended last week – graduating our bachelor obedience class and pre-agility class. I loved these classes and Riggs did very well. As much as I am very excited to continue playing with Riggs with some of these skills, for a few reasons I’ve decided to take the rest of the summer off from classes. We might do a couple drop in barn hunts, but that’s it for a few weeks. Just going to enjoy the sunshine and have fun together. Right now we are signed up for Agility Level 1 in the fall, and I’d like to follow that up with a Novice Rally class. I’m not sure what Tess will get into, I’d like to compete with both of them at the fall Barn Hunt so we’ll probably work towards that. Tess is signed up for her agility class but I’m not sure now that we’ll do it, we might do some private lessons instead…decisions decisions.


(above photo: our graduation photo and certificate from our Bachelor Obedience class, photographer – and instructor – Lauren Alexander of Kayenna Kennels)

I took the dogs out to Water Valley for another fun day last friday, they had a great time racing around. I did get some video of the pups playing, but it’s sure getting hard to tell them apart from far away! Of course with the good comes the bad, so of course Riggs got a bug bite. I wasn’t sure what was wrong but he kept bothering at his leg when I got home, I could see a little red mark, so washed it. But he wouldn’t let me check it out long enough to get a good look, so off to the after hours vet we go. Unfortunately it was a busy night for them so we had a bit of a wait. The vet was excellent and once he saw us he had us out of there in about 15 minutes. We are thinking a wasp or spider bite. Luckily nothing too bad and no long term effects 😉


The professional photos from the Evelyn Kenny show arrived and Lisa Wysminity of JumpStart Imagery captured some lovely photos of Riggs. With excellent timing she managed to capture this shot of Riggs (not pacing!).

high res ritchie ekkoc july 2017 saturday-2897-Edit

Thank you Lauren for doing such an excellent job showing Riggs!

Riggs Novice Trick Dog Title arrived in the mail today, so I look forward to working with him towards his Intermediate Trick Dog Title over the next little bit.


My mom finally had a chance to come back to town for a visit, she hadn’t yet had a chance to meet Mr. Riggs. Unfortunately she missed the cute little puppy stage and is now visiting at the bratty jumpy big puppy stage! He was his usual friendly self…unfortunately that still generally entails trying to climb in your lap, jump on you, or steal whatever you happen to be carrying. My laughing at all his crazy antics probably doesn’t help!

In the never ending story of dogs and vet visits Riggs has a diarrhea test we are waiting on results from – I’m thinking he may have caught the virus Tess had but it’s either hanging around a little longer than I would expect, or he’s just eating garbage when we’re on our walks and making himself sick! Tess’ urinalysis confirmed her bladder stone / infection issue. Our appointment with the specialist for Tess is booked and coming up in a couple weeks so hopefully I’ll have some better answers on the larger kidney / pancreas issue we are dealing with.

So here’s hoping for a quiet few weeks!



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