Riggs First Dog Show


It’s been a busy weekend for me and the pups, Riggs attended his first CKC Conformation Show (being the only one in his class) he won Baby Puppy Best of Breed both days, and placed second in his group class on Friday. He had a few puppy moments during his Sweepstakes class on Friday so no luck there!


I’m still not sure if this is really something I want to pursue with him, but I wanted to see how he would do and give him some show experience. It was great to have him handled by multiple judges and work for different handlers. My whole goal for this show was just to acclimatize him to a show pen environment and have him enjoy it. On that front a big mission accomplished! It was a pretty busy area ringside and he handled it very well (for a puppy). I was pleased to see him want to visit the other dogs (even if he wasn’t allowed), be ok with all the commotion, meet a bunch of new people, and work on focusing in this sort of environment. I really can’t say much seemed to phase him, he had a look at a few generators working away at some nearby RV’s, but otherwise didn’t bat an eye at much of anything, and happily greeted anyone who wanted to visit. Yay!

His handler Lauren Alexander did an excellent job piloting him around the show ring – since I have no clue what I’m doing – even with my lack of practicing!


To give Riggs a well earned treat I took both dogs up to Water Valley today (with my bear spray on hand, though luckily not needed) for a fun romp. It was great to see them both have such a great time.

FB-3865.jpgTess has had a really rotten couple of weeks and it was great to see her having a good day and Riggs helping bring it out of her.

There was a good reason we went after the show! And the two amigos had a great time playing together.

A few more of Riggs

FB-4010Tess’s test results came back last week and unfortunately it wasn’t very good news, it’s looking like she has kidney disease. We are waiting to see a specialist for some more tests and information on exactly what kind and how advanced it is. So I think I needed to see them both out having a grand time this weekend.



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