A Day In The Life – 1 Adult & 1 Pup

Here’s pretty much my life in a nutshell at the moment, this part does pass right?

5:15 am Riggs: BREAKFAST TIME!!!!!! *Jumpy jumpy* Can’t you hurry up?

Me: Ok, Riggs Kennel

Tess: Oh don’t mind me I’m just sitting here…

Me: Oh, right sorry Tess. Extra goodies for you. I love my good dog!

6:00-6:30am Me: Maybe I can have some breakfast too

Tess: I’ll go have a nap on the couch I think

Riggs: This seems like a good idea to go jump on Tess’s head. I mean look how bored she must be just laying up there. Maybe if I bite her neck she’ll play with me!

6:45am Riggs: Well that didn’t work, how did I end up in this wire contraption again? At least I have my Busy Buddy Barnacle toy to keep me occupied

Me: Maybe I can get ready for work now

7:00am Me: Running late, again!!!

Curlies: Yay! Bathroom walk!!!

Riggs: This seems like a good time to tackle Tess

Me: How did I get so tied up? I think we are providing free entertainment for the neighbourhood.

Me: Whew, made it back home, Riggs do you have to go?

Riggs: NO! But these bugs look edible…

7:15 am Me: Kong ready for Tess, Squirrel Dude ready for Riggs, anything else I’m forgetting…

Me: Riggs are you sure you don’t have to go out?

Riggs: No, I don’t have to go

Me: Ok, I’ll just start the wash machine before I leave

Riggs: Oops…I was so distracted by my Squirrel Dude just sitting up there on the counter, I forgot I had to go…sorry mom

Me: Cleaning up

Me: Ok Curlies, kennel for your goodies

7:30 am Me: Bye guys

Riggs: Tess did you hear something?

Tess: Huh?

8:00 am Curlies: Think I’ll just have quick a nap…zzz
12:00 pm Curlies: Mom’s home!

Riggs: Let me out I gotta pee!

12:30 pm Me: Ok guys, play time’s over time to get in your kennels for your…

Riggs: ME FIRST!!!

Tess: Me too!

Me: Ok, here you go, see you tonight!

2:00 pm Tess: Wake up, protect the house from the mailman

Riggs: Huh? I was sleeping

6:00 pm Tess: Mom’s home!

Riggs: Mom is that you? I’m sleepy

Me: Sorry bud you gotta go outside

Riggs: Ok, but just let me stretch first…

Riggs: Ok, business done, play time???

Me: Nope, dinner!

Curlies: Yay!!!

6:30 pm Me: Alright Riggs time for your walk before I head out with Tess

Riggs: Ok, I love walking!

7:00 pm Me: Ok, Tess time for Flyball class! Riggs get in your kennel for your Squirrel Dude!

Riggs: I’m in Mom! Hurry, faster, faster!

Me: Ok, here you are

Me: Tess, leash up and lets go!

7:30 pm Flyball class – Fun fun!
9:30 pm Me & Tess: Hi Riggs

Riggs: Huh? Who’s there? You interrupted my sleep

Me: Outside?

Riggs: Ok

Riggs: Oh, that feels better!

Riggs: Maybe if I go steal Tess’ toy she’ll play with me?

Tess: Can’t I just nap on the couch?

Riggs: NEVER!!!

Me: I need a glass of wine!

10:00 pm Me: Ok guys, bed time – kennel & Kongs!

Curlies: Yay, night Mom!


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