End of the 8-12 Week Socialization Period

Today marks the official end of the 8-12 week socialization period for little Riggs; which means I survived my first month at home with him. He’s certainly still a troublesome puppy but I’m loving what I’ve seen so far and think he is going to be lots of fun to train in all my various doggie sports. With the end of the critical socialization period we are going to start to do a little more balanced sessions; maybe 50/50 socialization and training now. While it isn’t the “best” time to do the socialization work, it’s still very good, so I will keep dragging him to new places, and get to a few last things on my socialization list that never quite happened. But now (for me) the real fun begins, training! Right now I’ve really done very little, just little sessions here and there when we’ve been out and about. So I’ll start to put a little more forethought into what we want to work on.

We have two weeks left in puppy class, and I’m just trying to pick a night for the next obedience level once that ends. We have signed up for puppy agility which will start at the end of June. We’ve booked a drop in class for disc dog which I’m really looking forward to, and I think he will attend the first class of Tess’s next flyball session when it starts. So lots of fun things to look forward to!

Happy 3 month birthday Riggs!


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