Sunday Fun Day

Another great day with the pups! I was hoping to take Tess out to Canmore today to do the river walk, but by the time we hit the Stoney Trail overpass it was already wall to wall traffic. Not my idea of a nice weekend drive, so we headed to Baker Park instead. Enjoyed the shady parts by the creek on the Bowness side, and definitely enjoyed the nice weather! I’ve never seen the park so busy; the playground I took Riggs to a while back was absolutely crawling with kids, lots of families having picnics and enjoying the sun in the green space between the playgrounds. Tess and I skirted the busy parts and headed towards the lagoon instead, then back around to Baker Park. Love that walk, and my wonderful dog!

My sister was back from the field so after we enjoyed a great lunch – and a chance to catch up – she helped me walk the dogs. It was much easier walking both of them with a second set of hands! Then it was time to rush off to puppy class with Riggs. He did great in class today, he’s really starting to figure out what all these “commands” mean. He couldn’t wait for play time, was really outgoing and wanted to play! A big change from the first week of class!

Quick Puppy Play Time Video

Now I have a wonderful napping puppy!


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