Saturday Fun


I had a great Saturday with the dogs, Tess and I enjoyed my favourite city walk at Griffith Woods in the morning before it got too hot for her. I love this walk, feels like you are out in the mountains without leaving the city. Quite a few dogs off leash though this is an on-leash park. We had a chance to stop by the river midway so she was able to walk in, find a large stick, and cool off a bit before walking back. Loving this sunny weather!

Riggs had his first grooming session in the afternoon, we arrived a little early so while we waited we got to walk out in the ditch near the pastures, and see some cows. He didn’t like those hairy beasts very much but enjoyed the romp in the long grass. He was very good for the groomers, though this was more of a meet and greet than actual grooming session. Just more socialization to get used to being handled and in that environment. They said he did pretty well, wasn’t sure about the clippers, so I’ll do some work on that at home; and keep trying to get him used to the dremel.

I even got out for a little non dog fun, a great bike ride at Nose Hill park!



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