Another Socialization Trip


Another quick socialization trip for Riggs today, I wanted to bring him to this playground yesterday but it looked like there were quite a few rain clouds overhead, so we tried today and lucked out! This was a great playground to go visit. A few kids playing, someone flying a drone, another BBQ, some wood chopping, badminton playing, and lots of playground equipment to get Riggs to interact with to help build up his confidence (not that he needs a lot of help there!).

Since there was a nice green space off to the side with some trees and a nice background I thought I would try to capture some stacking photos. I didn’t do great, but it was a bit of a challenge for my little brain to manage the camera, dog, and treats all at the same time.


Some quick recall work…


And a chance to just hang out…


Tess and I had a training session earlier in the day to work on her reactivity, she was absolutely wonderful. So proud of her and how far she has come, love that dog to death!


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