Office Visit

Yesterday I had a mountain biking course in the evening, so I decided to take a half day at work so I would have time to walk / work the dogs before the class. Tess and I enjoyed a nice walk in the neighbourhood (since I still ran out of time!). But I took Riggs back into work to meet some of my co-workers and for a little more socialization.

I’m so blessed to work with such wonderful people, who let me bring my pup in. We have quite a few dog people in my group, and everyone has wanted to meet him. So I decided yesterday was a great opportunity.

Lots of new experiences for Riggs, we parked in the underground parkade, and he got to take two elevators up to our floor. He must have met about half of the office! He did so well; probably was a little overwhelmed by everything but took it like a trooper. Had a chance to visit, bite, and play with everyone; plus eat lots of yummy treats. He made quite a few new friends and introduced a few people to the breed.

He pretended to be a very well behaved puppy, and toned down energy. Even trying to have a nap in the hall while we all visited. I am just pleased a punch about how well he did! Perhaps he can do some therapy work down the road…time will tell!

Today we did a quick visit to Edworthy park after work. On the south side of the river there are quite a few playgrounds, more than I knew about. All of which had a few kids playing in them. No one came to visit us, but it was great for him to get more exposure to children. He really seems excited to see them and not concerned about them at all. After the trouble I have had with Tess I am hugely relieved by this, and hope to keep encouraging this positive association. As we did a tour around that side of the park some young guys had a fire pit going, so he also got to see that from a distance. Some more families had the BBQ’s working up a storm, so lots of smoke and good smells for him to experience. Some other young adults playing soccer. There is a river and long bridge to cross, so he had his second bridge experience. Lots of bikes and people on this one. We went down to the river before crossing back over the bridge to get to the car. He had a chance to splash in the water a bit and found a nice big stick (takes after his big sister there!). We ran into a few dogs on leash, which I am still trying to keep him away from for a few more days (until his vaccination sets in). He wants to be very social with them; which again is positive given the trouble I’ve had with Tess; but he’ll have to learn that he can’t visit everyone all the time!

IMG_20170518_200109299 (3).jpg

So as we are winding down the socialization activities, today was another really positive day for him I think. Hard to believe he is at the end of his 12th week already, time fly’s!


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