Riggs First Agility Trial

Had another fun day with the dogs! Riggs had his vet appointment for his second set of vaccines. He did very well at the vet’s and is now a whopping 23.7 lbs! I’m not going to be able to carry him much longer!

We had a stop at home for lunch after running some errands, then it was off to an agility trial. Riggs had a chance to meet our wonderful agility instructor who was competing with her dogs, we got to go into the building so he could take in all the activity and sounds, visit with some of the other competitors, and then he was lucky enough to get to meet two of her wonderful dogs, Paisley and Grip. Grip was really patient with Riggs and the two had a fun little play session. It seemed to be a very positive first experience for him, and hopefully one of many to come!

Riggs was ready to crash when we got home. So I had a chance to take Tess out for a nice walk by herself. The weather was so nice at the trial, I thought I better take Tess somewhere with some shade. Decided to head out to Bragg Creek and do the Sulphur Springs trail with her – one of my favourites. It was a good 5-7 degrees cooler in Bragg Creek so I was happy to find I had left a long sleeved shirt in the car.

Tess and I had an excellent hike, only saw one biker on the trail, and no one else. So we enjoyed a quiet walk by ourselves. It makes for a nice break to just enjoy the “trained” “well behaved” dog. I just love her to pieces and am definitely appreciating her more with the puppy at home!


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