A Confession To Make

My name is Megan, and I have a confession to make…I’m a terrible dog mom! I was doing Riggs nails this morning and accidentally nicked the quick. Feel like such an arse! He was very preoccupied with his yummy cottage cheese and I’m not sure even noticed I did it. But man did it bleed! I normally use the dremel with Tess, but Riggs put up such a fight when I first tried I had an easier time with the regular clippers for him. Of course I didn’t have any Kwick Stop on hand (I’ve only gotten Tess’s twice in her life), so have never really worried about it. The benefit of the dremel! I used Cathy’s trick of the bar of soap, and it worked eventually…pools of blood all over the floor later!

It’s ironic I’m wracked with guilt about it and feel like a monster, Riggs has long since forgotten. Thank goodness dogs are so forgiving!

I took him out to Heritage Park today, there’s a close parking lot by the Glenmore boat launch. So we took the short little path (200m) to Heritage Park. He had to cross a little rail line, which was cool. Lots of kids there for a special event today, but the main square by the entry gates wasn’t too busy. Just right. A little girl was blowing bubbles on the grass, something I wanted to expose him to, but wasn’t sure how/when I’d do it. So that was good. It’s a historic park, so the staff and volunteers dress up in period costume from the 19th century. One of the young ladies wanted to come say hi to Riggs, so that was great for him as well. Lots of kids & strollers walking by but none stopped us. Was still a really positive outing for him. We finished our circuit around the entry, and headed back towards the boat launch. There is quite a nice green space leading up to the water, so we took a little dirt path down to the shore and Riggs got to check out lots of really interesting smells. There is quite a high raised dock for launching sailboats, which has a lot of movement to it, so we walked on there. A rescue boat was tied up on the dock so Riggs had a chance to check that out, and see a kayaker paddle off as well. He was really good; a little unsure about the boat but nothing too dramatic. I can’t say how impressed I am by this pup! Getting off the dock Riggs got muddy so we went to wash off his paws in the water; then back to the car…and that’s when I noticed the blood again. Did I mention what a terrible person I am, how do nails bleed so much? We must have rinsed off the soap that was blocking the nick. I tossed him in the crate in the car and we headed off, I had seen a pet shop on the drive out, so I rushed in and bought some Kwick Stop. Looked like an idiot sitting in the parking lot trying to stop the blood. Of course the Kwick Stop did the trick right away. His crate blanket looks like I tried to kill him.

I know I’m being melodramatic but I feel luck such an idiot! Why oh why do I do these things to myself!!!

Since I’m so traumatized I think we will try the dremel again, if that doesn’t work I think I’ll be leaving it to the professionals till I get brave enough to try again.

Tess enjoyed a nice walk at the reservoir earlier in the day. I love the walk on the north (sunny!) side of the park. There was lots of activity on the path today; kids and dogs, and everything in between. Love my “old” dog!


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