Ready, Set, Go!

This week has been busy with non-doggie related activities in the evenings, so I haven’t done a whole lot with the pups. Luckily they have been playing hard just about whenever they’ve had a chance! Or whenever Riggs decides it’s necessary. He is usually the instigator, but this morning it was Tess who had the zoomies and got Riggs going in a good game of chase.


The toy graveyard, just waiting for a dog brave enough to enter…


Tess had a wonderful flyball class tonight, we both love this class and are really enjoying it…even if we are slow learners, and won’t win any races anytime soon! It was nice to have some one on one time with Tess tonight. And soooo nice to have an older dog I can run errands with on the way home too…that fridge has been looking pretty empty!

I didn’t have much time to spend with Riggs before heading off to class, so I decided to take him to the playground across the street. He hasn’t been there before because it’s next to an off leash park and he still doesn’t have all his shots; but it was busy with kids and too good to pass up tonight since we were short on time. Luckily there were no dogs around when we went by (and really I’m not sure there’s a big difference risk wise from walking him on the street across from the park, and in the actual park. Lots of dogs either way.). In our short time there (10 minutes maybe) he met a nice man who owns a chocolate lab, and a young girl so it was well worth while to pop over for some visiting.

I took a few moments while dinner was cooking to snap a few candids outside on the patio.

After coming back from class I think Tess was ready for a snooze but Riggs was raring to go again, so a quick playtime before bed!



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