Banff Avenue


The weather forecast for today was rain and chilly temperatures. I wanted to take Riggs out to Banff for a little more exposure to different people, but also so we could work on our “settle” in a busy environment. With the forecast I wasn’t sure if we should go or not, Banff can get really busy so some rain would keep the crowds down a bit. Which would be good for our trip; but if it’s too cold Riggs isn’t going to have a positive experience. It wasn’t raining in Calgary, and the forecast for Banff only called for 5 mm of rain in the morning. So I decided to chance it.

It rained (to varying degrees) from the highway 22 (Cochrane) turn off all the way to the Banff National Park gates. I debated changing the plan part way into the drive, but decided to soldier on and try. I don’t know if the rain just missed Banff, or we arrived just after it passed through, but we didn’t get rained on at all. The crowds were perfect for us, people around but not as busy as it can be. We stayed on the south side of town near the bridge. Only walking one block north, crossing and then the block back. It’s a quieter end of the strip which again was good.


It ended up being a great spot to go to, there was some construction at a nearby shop so Riggs got to see and hear them pull equipment out of the truck and bang around a bit. Which was good. There were a few well behaved dogs on the strip so he got to see, but not meet them.

Our trip really highlighted how difficult it can be to socialize puppies to men (and to a lesser extent children). For our trip through Banff Riggs must have had at least 10 women stop us to pet and say hello to him. Where only one man (one woman’s husband) stopped to say hi. Another sat by us on an adjacent bench while we worked on settle, but that was pretty much it. Riggs has been good about meeting just about everyone, so I’m not too concerned about it, but it is a struggle!

After our trip around the shopping area we visited the park near the river where Riggs got to explore a little bit.

Mr. Bitey Pants having fun


He was excellent on the drive out and home, not making a peep! But I am still struggling with house training. I feel like I’m taking him out enough, but he gets distracted, doesn’t go, then has an accident in the house…or in our case today in his crate on the car ride home.

He got a good long rest when we arrived home, then it was off to puppy class this evening. I upped the ante on the treats and he was much better in class this week. Got pretty distracted (tired?) towards the end of class, but a great improvement over last weekend.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the challenge of photographing puppies! Hope you all had a great weekend!




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