Another Busy Saturday

IMG_20170506_111830426 (3)

It was a wonderful warm day in Calgary today, so I thought I better take advantage of it. I’ve recently taken up mountain biking (if you can call what I do mountain biking) and I hope when Riggs is a older he can join me on some of those trips. I wanted to make sure I get him exposed to bikes and that environment now while he’s young. I planned to head out to the West Bragg Creek trailhead, which is usually very busy, lots of mountain bikers (as there is an excellent trail system there), but it is also popular with hikers and families as it is so close to the city. However, as I headed out of Bragg Creek it appeared that the trailhead was closed for improvements. So onto our back up plan! We headed out to the Station Flats trailhead in Bragg Creek instead. This is an older mountain biking system, but still a popular spot.

Today we really lucked out there were a few mountain bikers there, we only saw one or two on bikes, but a few others getting ready or just returned. But, we were really fortunate in that there were also trail riders there. So Riggs had an opportunity to see horses. I’m not quite ready to give up on the idea that I will have one again, so I wanted him to at least be familiar. I wasn’t sure how I was going to squeeze in a horse show in the next week or two, so this may have saved the day! He could have cared less about them. Which is perfect, he got some yummy treats around them. By pure chance a few loped by in front of us through a field and he barely looked at them. He seems much less sound and sight sensitive than Tess. Just takes everything in stride…even if he does have to think it through first.

So all in all I thought it was a very positive trip for me and him. On the way back I started to wonder if I had the dates wrong and the West Bragg Creek trailhead was open. (Closed May 1-5) Sure enough I did! So we swung back through town (still not busy for socialization so we kept driving) and onto West Bragg Creek.

It was open, and they sure are doing a lot of work to expand the parking lot. Looks like it’s going to be great when it’s finished! I’m so glad we took a chance and stopped by. It was pretty busy with mountain bikers so Riggs did get to see a few whiz down the trail by the car. Again he barely showed that he noticed them.

IMG_20170506_112632003 (2)

There also appeared to be either a trail running race or organized practice, which was neat to see. Riggs wanted to go visit everyone but they were a little preoccupied! There is a small creek near the parking lot with a bridge across it. Riggs saw a few bridges at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park where we did our photoshoot last weekend, however he seemed a little unsure about them. Since we were on the clock I didn’t work with him on it then, just picked him up and carried him across. So I was glad to have a chance to show him one again without any other time pressures, or people around that we’d get in the way of. Riggs got a chance to check out the creek which was good since it was a little faster and had some more “rapids” than other rivers/creeks we’ve seen. He had to think about it a bit, but soon was pretty interested and had to go check it out. After a quick drink we went up to the bridge and he crossed like a champ!

On the way home we did a quick stop in at the vets for a visit and weight check. He’s up to a skinny 19.5 lbs, up from 16.1 lbs when he arrived home. Seeing him every day I haven’t noticed how much he has grown…other than the kennel shrinking! I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing.

IMG_20170506_120958872 (2)

He was so pooped from our walk at Station Flats and West Bragg Creek, he didn’t really want to get out of the kennel to go into the vets. Though he does this at home too, doesn’t seem like a morning person!

A quick lunch for me at home, then thought I better take advantage of the nice weather and take Tess for a big girl walk. She was a little short changed with my time last night before Riggs play date, so she deserved a bit more of an outing today. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty crummy weather wise so it was nice to soak up the sun today while it lasted. We enjoyed a great walk at Glenbow Ranch, the parking lot was the busiest I’ve seen it but luckily it’s a big park and people seemed to spread out pretty quick. I was bummed to see my favourite trail was closed since there were cattle in that field so we took a little longer walk and went down by the river which was beautiful. Either the wind kept them down, or they aren’t around yet, but no mosquitos on our trip either! Yay!

IMG_20170506_154514874 (2)


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