Puppy Visits


I’m behind where I wanted to be with socializing Riggs, but still feeling pretty good about where he is at. He has met about 10 children and had really positive experiences with them. We still need to meet more, but I’m very pleased with how he has done.

Last night I took him by a retirement home and he met a very nice woman in a wheelchair. He was excellent. Very quiet, visited her right away, and let her pet him. Didn’t show any concerns at all; a very good boy!

He’s still showing some concern around strangers so we’ll keep plugging away at it. Time is going by so fast, can’t believe he is almost at the end of his 10th week, and half way through the 8-12 week socialization window. So we have some work in front of us these next couple weeks!

But tonight we took a bit of a break and Riggs got to go visit my grandparents! He had a lot of fun exploring their patio, I foolishly forgot the toys in the car, so Grandma saved the day and found a fun ball for him to play with. I’m so pleased they were able to meet him!




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