Play With Me!

Feels like we hit a real milestone with the two dogs, Riggs and Tess have been making attempts to play together for a few days now, but yesterday I think they had their first real play session, and quick tug game.

Tess has surpassed my wildest expectations with how patient she is being with little Riggs. He has been a bit of a brat to her, trying to steal her toys, jump on her, and bite her ears…then running under the coffee table to hide when she objects to any of this. Darn puppies! Can’t say how happy I’ve been with how they’ve done together.

They decided they could (briefly) share the same dog bed in the morning.


We even had a nice cuddle session last night on the couch while watching TV. Riggs was kind enough to bite his toys instead of my hands while we caught up on our favorite show. I think Tess has missed the couch time the most since Riggs has arrived, so it was nice to get a chance for everyone to sit down together.


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