Out and About


You plan so many socialization outings when expecting a new puppy, however sometimes life throws experiences at you you’d never expect or plan for. Luckily we haven’t had any that were very serious, but a few have been funny in the last day or two. Last night in our travels Riggs got to see people doing Slackline balancing between trees, something I certainly wouldn’t have thought to put on my list. This morning Riggs found this mask on the ground and had to investigate it and bring it home. It’s funny the little experiences we stumble upon when least expecting them.


Tess of course did not want to be left out of the fun!


Later today I took Riggs out for a drive to Canmore with my Grandmother. He was very good on the drive out, and was very well behaved meeting her. While waiting in front of her house we ran into Riggs’ second scary garbage truck, so we had a chance to eat some treats while they did their work. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all?

The ice cream store in Canmore is always on my to do list, but sadly they weren’t open today. So we enjoyed some sunshine sitting in front of their store while watching all the people and dogs walk by in their travels. Then moved on to the park by the river for a little picnic snack. Which was enjoyed by all!







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