Week Nine

This week got off to a bit of a slow start dog training wise, but we’re finishing with a bang. The weather has not been great at night, and Riggs seems to get cold pretty easily. So we’ve been stuck inside a bit. We have gone to three new parks this week. Last night he met his first children (since arriving home). He was certainly unsure about them at first, all that bouncing and squealing! But he did really well and warmed up very quickly. It’s so nice working on this with a puppy, not adult dog!

After some positive signs at our training sessions earlier in the week I decided to up the ante today and take him to a little busier place. The spot worked out really well. It had a good sized green space next to a fairly busy pathway (two separate paths split for walkers and bikers). I was able to park the car close by, carry him to the green space, then work on some attention and start our loose leash walking while still far away from the path. We slowly worked our way forward stopping and doing some “tricks” as we moved up. He got to see kids, a skateboarder, a few rollerbladers, and a lot of bikers and walkers. It worked out really well, and he did great!

Tonight we had our big puppy photoshoot with Heads and Tails Photography. Jennifer did a wonderful job on a shoot I did with Tess last summer, so I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for Riggs. There was a big difference between the two sessions. Tess was pretty well trained when we did ours last year. So she was a little easier to direct. Riggs not so much! And the puppy attention span doesn’t help! Jennifer did a great job directing the shoot, picking the location, and setting up some different shot ideas. She was able to capture a lot of action shots, which are usually my favourite anyway, but he wouldn’t cooperate too well for the still shots. Oh well! Can’t wait to see our sneak peek and the proofs from the shoot in a couple weeks.

I’ll leave you with my favourite shot of Tess from our shoot last year with Jennifer



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