I’ve started doing more handling exercises with Riggs this week. All of Cathy’s work has really paid off, he is excellent to handle, I can touch him or pick him up with no problems. He’s such a little suck! I’ve brushed his teeth a few times, and other than some bitey puppy stuff (wanting to eat the toothbrush), he was very good about it. Started cleaning his ears this week as well, which he was very good with. They could use another cleaning!

But…the nails! I use a dremmel type nail grinder with Tess so I thought I would try that with him. He was great to have me handle his feet so I wasn’t expecting any issues, but man did he put up a fight! I ended up giving up on the dremmel and trying the clippers. He was wonderful after I switched (that night), but since then has been a real squirmer. So I am trying to make it as positive as possible by giving him yummy yummy treats after clipping each nail. I’m sure over time it’ll get better, but right now he is a handful!


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