Road Trip


I took Riggs out to our family acreage for his first big solo adventure since arriving. He’s still not a big fan of the car hollering most of the way out. While Tess loves to go out there for a good romp, I wanted to take Riggs on his own to see how he would be. Most of his adventures in the real world so far have been with his littermates or with Tess, so I wanted to see his reaction. He was a little unsure of this new world.

It’s interesting to see the personality differences, when I first took Tess out, she loved it. Exploring everything, checking out every scent, searching for sticks. In fact I hid on her so she would learn to keep a better eye on me! Riggs on the other had stuck very close, jumping on my legs whenever he had a chance, and sitting and whining whenever we stopped. He definitely had an opinion and wasn’t keeping it to himself!


I can’t say I’m shocked at this, he definitely seems much more people driven, while Tess always seemed to have her own plans in mind. So what did this tell me? Well when I first introduce him to water I’ll make sure I bring Tess along so she can show him the ropes. And I think for Riggs’ solo trips we’ll do more training and play sessions when visiting somewhere new. Since that seems to relax him more and make him happy. That said, I still think he enjoyed the trip and his chance to get out and explore.

I’m sure he will come to love solo outdoor romps as well with time, we’ll just warm up a little more before attempting again. He also got a quick trip into the cabin, again he didn’t care to explore too much. But it was good for him to visit another place with lots of different furniture, different flooring, open backed stairs to get in, etc.


He whined for a few minutes going home then crashed in the crate. All in all, a good trip for him and gives me some more info to help with his socialization plan.


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