First Training Session


I took Riggs out for his first training session today. He’s still upset in the car, so I wanted to stick pretty close to home. This park is maybe a 5 minute drive away, is not off leash – despite the second video I’ll post! Though I see he is “off leash” in the photo above, so who am I to judge.

I wanted to work on some leash walking skills on his own, so potty walks with both dogs are a little easier, and quicker. I’ve kept these sessions really short, the video I post below is the whole session. Just a couple minutes long.

Loose Leash Walking Video

You can see in the video above I start with Attention. After struggling so much with Tess with this I wanted to work on this pretty quick, and enjoyed Jane Killion’s training Attention video so used her method (basically just shaping). There is no sound in the video, but I am not giving a cue, just waiting for him to offer it. Then we work on some loose leash walking. Cathy and Mark introduced the pups to the leashes so they have done some work already; and Riggs has joined Tess and I on a few short potty walks, but otherwise he hasn’t done any of this. I was so proud and happy with him, he did great. This was his first walk by himself, so no other dog to follow. And you can’t see it in the video but there is a father and son playing catch off to the left of the screen, and we are joined by a dog on the right playing fetch at the end of this mini-session. He offers sit a lot, I don’t know if this is something Cathy worked on or just him, but he offers so I encourage it a lot. At the end he starts offering sit as he gets his treats – awesome! And we do a “Front” which again I haven’t taught but I’ll sure reinforce!

Good Boy!!!

Attention Video

The second video is just another really quick “Attention” mini-session, here the other dog makes its appearance. This is supposed to be an on-leash area, and not really a dog or walking park…grrr! So I am SO pleased with how he did, that was a tonne of distraction for his first session and he rocked it! I think he is much more people oriented than Tess was, but I’ve learnt more since she was a pup. So maybe I just notice more of the good things he is doing now.

We finished with a fun tug/chase session (again not much longer than you see in the video).



And he happily crashed as soon as we got home!



2 thoughts on “First Training Session

    • Thanks! I’m not very good with the clicker, so I am using “Yes” as a marker word. I have trouble getting the sound on that camera to work.


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