Day 2


I was starting to get a little worried Riggs might be a little too perfect, and something might be wrong – so thank goodness the biting machine started up today. Whew, no sick puppy! He kept me pretty busy following him around redirecting all the biting. His motto today was “if I sees it, I bites it!”

We had a fun day, and it felt a little more like back to normal. Tess got some alone time for a big girl walk and I think enjoyed the break from the pup. Riggs got to play on a metal baking sheet before our trip to the vet’s. Just to see what behaviours he would offer to try to earn some kibble, and get him used to standing on metal for at the vet’s later in the day.


Riggs had a big day, met the neighbours next door, and had his first visit to the vet for his check up. All went well! He was a real trooper! He also met a few new people at the vet’s office, which is great. He also went on some quick walks, both by himself and with Tess. He’s such a talker when walking and isn’t sure about this leash thing. But he has been very good about it considering I haven’t worked on anything with him yet.

Just another fun quiet day trying to get him settled, and get my cuddles in.

The great thief at work…


Formulating his plan, the great heist, and “Who me? No big sister, I would never steal your toy…don’t know what you’re talking about!”


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