Home Sweet Home

He arrived!


After all the planning and anticipation it was so exciting for yesterday’s flight with my new puppy to arrive! He is an absolute doll; and I can’t thank Cathy enough for giving me this lovely boy. I can’t believe how much effort she puts into every litter she raises, and each and every puppy; going far and beyond to make sure they get to the right homes for them.

His flight took a little longer than planned, so he had a bit of a long slog from Ottawa to Calgary, and a big drive to get there. He was very good in the crate when I picked him up – quiet as a mouse. Was a little unsure who this person was poking their head in the crate; and wasn’t quite sure he was ready to come out yet. But some yummy cheese and bison quickly convinced him it was worthwhile. We took a few minutes for introductions and a potty opportunity (nope!) then headed home. He was good to get back in the crate, but whined a bit once I started driving. A few moments of nonsense stories quickly had him settled and quiet…more than I can say for Tess at that age!

He’s been such a superstar at home so far. Very lovey and kissy. Just wants to please and be loved. Offering to sit a lot – love it! I wasn’t sure if he’d be an orangutan when I got him home, or totally exhausted and overwhelmed, but he was middle of the road. We played a bit, redirected some Bitey McBiteyface, took some pictures, and cuddled – a lot!

Hungry boy ate some dinner, did his business outside…mostly. Then off to bed. He whined maybe 15-20 minutes then crashed didn’t hear another peep till this morning. Winning!!! Still trying to figure out his gotta go signals.

He is currently crashed on the dog mat near the computer so thought I better get this written and post some pictures while I had a chance.

Since he came in so late (with some brainstorming with friends) we decided it would be best to do the introduction between the dogs this morning. I wasn’t sure what he’d be like, Tess was overwhelmed when she got home. And we thought it might be better for everyone to have a fresh brain to try to help things go smoothly between the dogs. So Tess had a sleepover at my sisters (did I mention I have the best sister ever!), and I got a chance to cuddle and bond with Mr. Riggs one-on-one. Fingers crossed all goes well with the introduction this morning…after meeting this guy I’m feeling a lot more confident in that!

Now breakfast time for me!

PS. Thank you Natalie for Lamb Chop, Riggs loves him. Was biting/suckling on him this morning while kneading my legs (sitting in my lap). Very cute!


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