Retrieval to Hand

With a little inspiration (and help) from my friend Jade, owner of Where’s Your Sit? dog training, I have been working on Tess’s retrieval to hand this winter. It will come in handy for many of the tricks for our trick dog titles; but also it’s just down right embarrassing having a retriever who won’t retrieve to hand!

We have been working on this for a while, so she knows this “game” now. She is retrieving pretty well at this point during our mini sessions, so our biggest issue is her speed, right now she is too focused on her treats. In the video Jade prepared of her dog Ari she used the tug method, I tried it but Tess isn’t much of a tugger. So while we work on the tugging drive I used a little different method. I think the tugging method Jade suggested will help give me more of the speed I want, as would a toy Tess likes a little better. So I will keep working on these basics while we work on the tug drive, I think the next step for us with this drill would be only rewarding the faster retrieves.

Hunters out there, please don’t laugh!

Tess’s retrieval video


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