The Puppies are Here!

Congratulations to breeder Cathy Lewandowski of Softmaple Curly Coated Retrievers on the delivery of the Lodi & Reilly litter! Nine beautiful healthy pups! Congratulations must also go to Lodi’s owner Natalie Donnelly, and Reilly’s co-owner Connie Buchanan.

I feel very honoured to be getting a puppy from this lovely cross, and was so excited to hear from Cathy that I was in fact getting a pup from this litter!



Skywatcher’s Dee Liver Me to SoftMaple RATN, RATI, CGC, TDI, DN

(AKC, CKC, UKC Pointed)



SHR GRCH Softmaple Green River JH, DJA, AJ, RATO, CGCA, UJJ, WC, TDI, CA


I was looking for a puppy from Reilly’s last litter; but unfortunately circumstances kept me from taking a puppy at that time. So I am very happy to have a second chance to get a puppy from this lovely girl.

Lodi is Tess’s brother, so it’s a nice feeling to keep it in the family. I have loved watching him and Natalie’s many successes over the years, and Lodi’s personality seems to encompass the very best of the breed. Many pups out of that litter have done very well in their respective events and I have enjoyed seeing them all grow up into lovely dogs, so I am very comfortable with getting a pup out of these bloodlines.

I look forward to watching them grow at Softmaple Curly Coated Retriever’s over the next number of weeks, and seeing all their personalities develop!



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