New Puppy Shopping List

For the last couple days I have been searching around the house trying to pull together all my puppy  items to make sure I have what I need, and know what I need to buy or replace for the new puppy.



 Shopping List:

  •  Food & Water bowls (Done!) – I primarily use stainless steel since it is easiest to clean, but I seem to have amassed quite a variety of dishes; which will be good to rotate to get the puppy used to eating out of different containers and materials so he isn’t picky about what he eats out of later in life.
  • Leash for walks (Buy) – I can’t seem to find Tess’s puppy leash, so I’ll need to buy a new one. I will try to get a small (1/2 inch wide) leash since I find the buckles on some of the larger sizes can be pretty heavy for the puppy. When I bought Tess’s first leash I went with one a little longer than I probably should have, so I will look for about a 4-5 foot leash (vs. 5+ feet). Once the puppy has learned a little more about walking on leash we’ll upgrade to the little longer one.
  • Adjustable Collar (Done!) – I have one that has a small ½ inch width which is a little more puppy sized. Once he grows out of that he should be into normal dog sizes.
  • Toys (Done-ish) – Tess is a picky toy dog, so I have quite the collection of loved and rejected toys. So I should be good here, I might look for a few teething toys to add to the collection since I’m not sure I have many specifically for that. Watch for my upcoming blog on toys.
  • Harness (Buy) – Since I live in a condo my puppy will be walked before he learns how to walk nicely on leash, so a front buckle harness will help me teach and manage him without a big battle until our leash walking skills improve. I use the Easy Walk Harness with Tess when needed, but like the look of the Freedom No-Pull Harness a little better so will likely get that for the puppy.
  • Training Treats (Done!) – Due to Tess’s food allergies I already have quite a collection of training treats, that I inevitably buy and she ends up allergic to, so I should be good here!
  • Grooming Supplies (Done!) – If your puppy’s breeder doesn’t suggest what you might need, this info can usually be found in breed specific resource books, or even on the internet. Nail trimmers will be needed regardless of breed if you are doing that yourself, Tess has pretty brittle nails that painfully chip and crack so I find she prefers it when I use the Dremel type nail grinders, I also use a pin brush for regular brushing, and I LOVE my FURminator when she is shedding heavily. Poop bags, shampoo, and toothpaste will be needed too. You may also need ear cleaner and styptic powder (if doing nails yourself).
  • Kennel (Done!) – I have a large dog kennel for once he is grown up. I may use this once he outgrows the travel crate (below) and just block off the “extra space” until he grows into it.
  • Blankets & Pillows (Done-ish) – I do have an extra doggie pillow for the family room, and a blanket I can use in the travel kennel initially, but I will need a new pad for the full size kennel once he grows into it. I like ones that have covers that unzip and can be easily washed.
  • Training Books – Before bringing home your puppy you’ll want to refresh your puppy education, a few of my favorites that I have re-read are: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days, Before & After Getting Your Puppy, and the Puppy Primer. I have a few new resources to dig into this time as well: Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors, and Crate Games.
  • Play Pen (Optional) – I bought one for Tess (which I have since given away), I didn’t end up using it very much with her, so I am debating whether I need it or not. I may just use the full size kennel as the “play pen” and set the travel kennel up inside to get started.
  • Odor Remover (Buy) – Odor remover is good to have on hand in case (when!) the puppy has an accident in the house. So the smell of previous accidents does not encourage him to go inside again.
  • Bitter Spray (Buy) – there is some debate on whether this is affective, but I don’t think it hurts to have some bitter spray on hand to try in case the puppy takes a liking to some of your furniture.
  • Pee Pads (Optional) – I don’t use them in house training so I won’t be buying them. I used sod with Tess, but I am hoping I can get away with popping home for mid-day breaks instead.
  • Clicker (Optional) – If you are clicker training
  • Life Jacket (Optional) – Since puppy is set to come home in late spring/early summer we can go swimming! I will likely get him a life jacket until he gets the hang of it.
  • Winter Coat / Booties (Optional) – depending on where you live and when the puppy comes home you may or may not need these items. Since puppy is coming home in the summer I won’t need these until he is older.


Closer to Puppy Arrival:

  •  Food – Initially what the breeder has been feeding the puppies, if I want to switch to another food I’ll buy that as well.
  • Travel Kennel – Since I will be picking up the puppy to fly it home I will need either a soft sided bag (similar to this one) if the puppy is traveling in the cabin, or a hard sided crate if going as “cargo”. If flying be sure to check the airlines requirements.
  • Tag – our city has licensing laws that requires dogs carry city tags (once they are over 6 months) so I don’t need to panic about that yet, but I like to have ID tags for the flight and drive from the breeders incase the puppy makes a great escape. So once I pick a name, I’ll have tags created with my contact info.

2 thoughts on “New Puppy Shopping List

  1. Check out the Balance Harness. I found it more adjustable than some of the others. I was given a Large size Freedom Harness that had been pre-owned by a Golden, and I found it too restrictive for my curly, in the same way that some trainers complain about how other front clip harnesses restrict the gait. The hardware on top of the withers also tended to pull her fur out. I ended up covering it with fleece before I bought the Balance Harness, in a Large. A Freedom harness in an XL might have worked better, since the L just barely fit her, but there’s still that hardware. I’m looking forward to Whole Dog Journal’s next issue, which promises to review harnesses. I’m intrigued by some we’ve seen at agility trials and Barn Hunt.


    • Thanks for the tip, it does look like a great alternative! I do find Tess’s easy walk to restrict gait, which is one reason I would like something different. This looks quite similar to our Premier Harness (that we use for tracking) but with a much better front clip. Thanks for the suggestion!!!


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