A Day in the Life – One Curly

As I’ve mentioned before I’m new to Curlies so I’m not sure how typical my dog is for the breed, from what I’ve read she sounds pretty average so hopefully this is helpful. I’d be interested to see how other Curly owners would compare their dog’s day to mine.


Tess’s Workday Schedule

5:30 am Mom’s Up, time for first breakfast (1)!
6:00-6:30am Maybe I can have some of Mom’s breakfast too!

Ok, I’ll go sleep on the couch where I can keep an eye on her in case anything falls on the floor!

6:45am Bathroom walk!
7:00am Mom’s leaving; but I get my Kong! Second breakfast!!!
2:00pm Wake up, protect the house from the mailman
5:00pm Mom’s home! Dinner time!!!
6:30pm Walk time! My favorite time of day!!! (2)
8:00pm Couch snuggles!
10:00pm Bed time, time for nighttime Kong!!!



  1. When I first got Tess it was clear she could have developed some level of separation anxiety, so I got in the habit early of feeding her often so she would enjoy being by herself and not worry when I left. I do still use bowls for some of her meals as it makes it easier for me to give meds or have her eat all her breakfast early if we are traveling, etc. Between treats through the day (baked wet dog food) and her kibble she gets about 3.5 cups of food a day.
  2. Now that she is older I’ve found that she’s pretty happy with a 45-60 minute walk most nights. If I have other plans or can’t do a longer walk she’s content with 30 minutes, but she might need an off leash romp or good hike the next day. Can she do more – you bet, but that’s what I find the minimum to be.

Looking at adding another puppy there will be a few things that will have to change in our daily routine. Likely not many right away, but as the puppy gains more run of the house, and they are left out together when I am not home some of the feeding routine will likely need to change. So I’m trying to figure out what will work best for our new routine.

I’ve fostered a couple dogs as a trial run to see if I can squeeze in the extra training sessions or walks, and it seems ok. The routine doesn’t seem to need a whole lot of adjustment. We’ll see how true that holds when the puppy arrives!

If you own a Curly I’d be curious how does your normal day compare?


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