Choosing A Puppy


Now comes the really hard part, how to pick which puppy in the litter to take home! Each breeder or shelter will have a different method of handling this, some will choose for you, some will give you a suggestion of a few to pick from, and some will let you have free rein to pick as you so choose.

If you are an experienced owner, or know specifically what you are looking for, you may want a lot of control on which puppy you take home. If you are a newer pet owner, it can be extremely difficult to know which puppy is right. If you are a novice owner and are buying from a reputable breeder I would let them help steer you towards the puppy they feel is best suited to your family.

I’m no expert in puppy picking, but Ian Dunbar offers some very good general advice I would recommend you read if you are going to be selecting the puppy with little breeder input.

With Tess the breeder selected her for me, that worked well for me at the time, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge and she had spend a great deal of time watching and observing the puppies. I was comfortable trusting her to pick the puppy she felt was best suited for me. I’m looking at the same breeder for the next pup, so again she will likely have a great deal of input into which pup I get. I have a little more confidence in my knowledge and what I’m looking for, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ask a few more questions about the pups or have a little more input this go round. Still I will very likely to be choosing from a small number of puppies, which will make it much easier to focus on the few that may be best for me.



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