Why This Blog?

The idea of blogging my experience with Curlies started with Tess, I wanted to blog her first year for a couple reasons; first as a novice owner and new to the Curly breed I found it hard to find information on what they were like to live with and train; and I hoped I could help someone in a similar scenario. Second, I thought it would be a great way to document her first year. However, it’s almost 6 years later and I’m only starting the blog now, why? Well I guess I was nervous about “posting to the world” my novice experiences and views, and the stumbles we took on our training path. I felt I didn’t know enough to post about the breed, or dog training, compared to the knowledgeable and experienced trainers, breeders, veterinarians, and owners whose blogs, websites, and Facebook pages I follow.

So why would you read the blog if I don’t know anything? Well I hope I have learnt something in the intervening years since I’ve had Tess and can provide a little information now, but I still consider myself a novice dog owner in many ways. So if you too are a novice owner I hope can I give you that perspective. As much as they live and breathe it everyday with their clients and customers, sometimes the experienced breeders and trainers can have trouble conveying what it is like starting out, and don’t even realize the terminology they are using means nothing to us! Or if they can relate to the problems we are having (they are human, they make mistakes too!) they may be afraid to post their issues or roadblocks in their programs because it might affect business or make you think less of them in their respective field.

So, if you are a novice owner as well I hope I can identify some of the pitfalls I’ve faced, and help you avoid or minimize their impact. I’d also like to encourage you to move forward in your dog training and knowledge journey. Just because you don’t know “everything” – or anything – about training a dog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a puppy or start training. Everyone starts in the beginning of training as an empty vacuum of knowledge, and as we learn more we can do better! That’s why my training mantra is Learn More, Do Better!

I hope you enjoy the blog!


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